Bacon– it’s not just for breakfast.

People on the internet seem to love bacon. They seem to take this love seriously– like, wear it as a dress or get it as a tattoo kind of serious. I personally am not quite that serious about bacon, but I do understand some of the hype. So we have been experimenting some, and bacon has been finding it’s way into some interesting things.  Continue reading

Gluten and Diary Free Dutch Baby

Gluten & Dairy Free Dutch BabyAdapted from Martha Stuart’s recipe & taking on a custard-like texture in the center, this dutch baby recipe is perfect for a lazy Saturday morning. Continue reading

Celiac Sprue is genetic, and my family is retarded.

I really don’t need to write much more. But I will.  Continue reading

Food Porn: Duck Addition

Sir Paddleton, our roast duck

Sir Paddleton, our roast duck

I made this duck because it was on sale & I had never made a duck before. It was a great challenge, and it turned out friggin delicious. HOWEVER, we are only two people, and you can only eat the same meal over & over without getting burned out. And so our duck became a few other things: Continue reading

Easy Gluten Free Vegan (and therefore Dairy Free) Chocolate Chip Cookies

P1050125I don’t like having to make two separate batches of everything, so I try to make everything I bake both gluten and dairy free in order to accommodate all of the diet restrictions in our house. Much to my chagrin, finding a cookie recipe that did that and wasn’t incredibly intricate proved to be more difficult than anticipated. And so I gave in and simply adapted this recipe in order to fit our needs. And thus, these chocolate chip cookies were born. Continue reading

Food Porn: A Lesson in Presentation

It is my sincerest of beliefs that how you plate your food greatly influences your overall enjoyment of the food item. It helps to build excitement about what you are about to eat, and in its own way helps you focus more on what you are eating. Personally, I find it much easier to relax & enjoy a meal that I have taken the time to arrange somewhat artistically than I do a meal that I just threw on a plate.

As an example, let’s just hypothesize that you are wanting to eat a bun-less burger. For many people, that would look something like this:


A regular old lettuce-wrapped burger… this is literally the best picture I could find on flickr, you guys.

OR, you can eat a bun-less burger like this:

Turkey burger on a bed of avocado, onion & bell pepper, topped with homemade coleslaw & sides of butternut squash fries, pickled turnips, persian cucumber & tomato.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but that first picture does not really ‘do it’ for me the way that the second one does. The first option just seems kind of “meh” to me. Now, there is every chance that a meal without presentation will actually have better flavor than one that is more aesthetically pleasing. HOWEVER, (pause for effect) there is a reason why restaurants everywhere can charge more for a smaller plate if it is plated well. Millions of fancy/overpriced restaurants can’t be wrong, guys.

So today I am assigning some evening homework:

When you make your dinner tonight– whatever you decide to make– try to take the time to plate it like you are going to sell it at a 300% markup. Take a picture to share, and then get back to me! Did the plating have an effect on your overall eating experience?

Asian Burritos…AKA Personalized Fresh Spring Rolls

Don't those look appealing?This is going to be a little bit less a recipe and a whole lot more of a general guide to making spring rolls. There are tons of recipes out there, but with so many chefs in our family, neither I nor my wonderful girlfriend have ever learned how to properly follow a recipe while cooking. Baking? Yes. I can follow one of those recipes. Mostly. But for the most part my family sees a recipe and thinks of it as more of a basic guideline rather than something we need to take serious.  Continue reading

Truly Flourless Cakes of Molteny Lava Goodness

lava cakeI am not going to bore you with some incredibly long intro about how I made this recipe and blah blah blah… I am under no such impression that anyone reading this would be here for anything but the recipe. So I will tell you only that this is the first dessert item I ever made after being diagnosed as a Celiac, and although you really do need to follow it quite exactly in order to have the best results, it really is an easy recipe for beginners. Promise. Continue reading

Finding ‘The One’ as a Celiac

usWhen I was first diagnosed as a Celiac, I was living with my freshly-legal brother. This meant that there was a constant barrage of 18 year old boys swarming the kitchen & eating quite literally everything. I was still growing accustomed to not being able to eat whatever was available, so every meal was a mental challenge– and having a bunch of teenage locusts that ate everything in sight only increased that challenge. Continue reading

This Week in the Valley

Can you guess how much these groceries cost me?

The San Fernando Valley is full of different stores offering a wide variety of international foods and inexpensive produce. My top three stores here are Super King,  Jons International Market, and Valley Produce. A typical week will usually result with me going to all three at some point, depending on the sales and what area I find myself in. This week, Super King was my main squeeze, and I was able to get all I needed & more.  Continue reading