People on the internet seem to love bacon. They seem to take this love seriously– like, wear it as a dress or get it as a tattoo kind of serious. I personally am not quite that serious about bacon, but I do understand some of the hype. So we have been experimenting some, and bacon has been finding it’s way into some interesting things. 

It started with this:

Manchego stuffed dates wrapped in bacon

Manchego stuffed dates wrapped in bacon

These little bits of culinary genius went on to inspire 1/2 of this glorious pizza:



So we translated those appetizers into a pizza that puts all other pizzas I have ever eaten to shame. The other half was onion, goat cheese & fresh tomato– still pretty damn good, but not quite the confusingly glorious combo that the manchego/bacon/dates make.

These salty and sweet combinations led us to a dessert would probably make any Rabbi or health-nut keel over: bacon brownies topped in toasted marshmallows and pecans.

Bacon brownies with toasted marshmallow & pecan topping--- also known as pre-diabetes.

Bacon brownies with toasted marshmallow & pecan topping— also known as pre-diabetes.

I will have some of these recipes (as well as some more heart-healthy ones) coming within the next week…  until then, I am just going to sit around being grateful for naturally low cholesterol and blood pressure that I have been gifted, without which I might never have allowed myself to eat so much bacon.


About Sarah Saturday

I am a celiac living in the greater Los Angeles area. Finding gluten-free friendly eats can be rather problematic, but I have learned to adjust, and hope to continue learning new things to share. Living gluten-free is not always easy, but it can be incredibly delicious!

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